New York for Fall


I am so excited to share that I am going to New York in the Fall for Thanks Giving. Four years ago I spent 4 and half months in the big city and have missed it everyday since. Due to an amazing promotion I have treated myself to seeing old friends, eating tonns of crazy good American food, and experiencing for the very first Thanks Giving dinner with a very close friend’s family in PA.

I’m saving hard which means eating soup more often than not and putting off getting my winter clothes for as long as possible. Obviously I will need my winter essentials before going to the city. I have been starting a wish list already! I will share in due course.

Have any of you got any super ideas of what I should put onto my list of to do things? I’ve done a lot of the typical touristy things before but I would LOVE to hear any suggestions that you may have!


I’m hoping to avoid the snow this time! Time has really gone so fast, I can’t wait to be sitting on the airplane on my newest adventure! The countdown starts here…..





Tuesday was a pretty great day it was my mummy’s birthday (happy birthday Mum) It was the day that Jenna got us free tickets to see Annie Hall at the open cinema at Somerset house. It was also the day I got a PROMOTION!!!!!!!!! I was so surprised and ecstatic that I have reached the next stage in my career. 2014 is certainly looking up.

Photo 12-08-2014 20 53 18

Although the weather wasn’t great (we got caught in a thunderstorm 20 mins before the movie started) a rainbow arched over the film screen and it stayed dry throughout the movie. We saw Annie Hall, a Woody Allen romantic comedy. It was quirky and silly, a perfect movie to watch outside under the stars.


10611212_780932555291924_1577859681_n Tuesday seemed to be my lucky day. I went to get a pizza and dough balls and Pizza Express didn’t charge us!!! It looked like it happened to a few people also getting takeaway, can’t help but love a freebie!

Photo 12-08-2014 19 13 26

Our guest bands for the VIP area at the movie, we got film4 blankets to help comfort us during the movie and such a great seat to view the movie. it was great that it wasn’t too cramped either.

Have any of you experienced an outdoor cinema?

Birthday Girl Ahoy


At the weekend I turned 23. A pretty insignificant age, however I was totally spoilt by my family and friends with so many gifts and tequila shots. The weekend started early a friend and I traveled down south with red wine, cheese and crackers, total bliss!

Photo 08-08-2014 18 48 08

On my actual birthday I got my hair done and my family threw me an amazing Mexican night. With delicious quesadilla’s, taco’s and a Mexican casserole. I’ve literally never felt so full in my life! Of course it was customary for everyone to wear fake moustaches and for the birthday girl to wear a sombrero and poncho. I rocked it. After dinner outcame a piñata in the garage as in England at the beginning of August it can still pour with rain. We drank Turbo Pimms and Mango Margaritas which I might do a blog post of recipes!

10569992_692102390873423_489658874_n 10576047_456575481152293_976733717_n 10601826_280286002175563_800550415_n 928026_427839217356676_1938345259_n 10597286_556324587810581_956634500_n Photo 08-08-2014 18 54 00

Saturday night was one to remember if it wasn’t for the double G&T’s and tequilas!! My friends made my night amazing, so many laughs and incredible pictures!!


926254_755045867867137_155154308_n 10607895_688041214623221_1127462090_n

Hong Kong & China

Photo 31-07-2014 16 14 09


As you all know I went on my first work trip to Hong Kong and China. I was told last minute and had a huge rush to pack my suitcase and mentally prepare for such an exciting trip. It was such an amazing experience that went far to fast. The days were very long we met with suppliers and actioned new designs for our high summer range. Seeing the show rooms and all the samples was really inspiring and somewhat mind boggling. After getting stuck in the hours seemed to fly by and it was a huge push to get everything finished. I think it really has made me grow as a designer learning how to work under pressure, alongside building a one-to-one relationship with suppliers.

In the evenings we were able to experience some amazing restaurants and bars, which made the day well worth it. I’ve found a new love for red wine and managed to try a whole new selection of food.

I really really hope that I am able to go again in the near future. I’m so excited to learn more and it would be lovely to experience the city more.

Photo 30-07-2014 05 15 04

This is how they paint edges on shoes and bags. All by hand!! can you believe it, even in full production each edge is hand painted. It was a great opportunity to visit and look inside a factory where these samples are made.

Photo 30-07-2014 15 02 14 Photo 30-07-2014 15 02 34

On my first night in Hong Kong we enjoyed tapas and wine and of course I had to have a photo with the skyline!

Photo 30-07-2014 16 53 56

A nice complimentary gift from the hotel.

Photo 31-07-2014 14 21 02

This was my first ever taste of Lobster!!

Photo 31-07-2014 15 51 51 Photo 31-07-2014 15 57 19

Photo 28-07-2014 13 40 44 Photo 28-07-2014 13 40 49

My amazing hotel room in China! The bathroom had its own personal sauna! Unfortunately I only managed to spend to short nights here!

10561149_682116081862799_1248776491_n 10561213_1443154379296785_791171023_n

The last insta opportunity I had. Looking very tired from a super long day and awaiting the 12 hour flight! Goodbye HK it’s been a pleasure!


Last Minute Jet Setter


On Friday afternoon at work I was invited to go on a business trip that was to leave on Sunday eve. I am so excited and nervous but can’t believe what an amazing opportunity I have been given. I will be flying to Hong Kong and China to visit suppliers to design the high summer shoes and bags with other colleagues.
I never thought that I would be given this chance so soon in my career. Please wish me luck, fingers crossed it all goes well and that I will be able to go on more in the future. I might be a little distant on the social media for the next week and a half but will have so much to tell you when I get back!

Of course I’m going to take as many pictures and possible so keep an eye out on my insta to see what I’m seeing. Have a lovely week all :)