Time To Celebrate


As you all might know I go on holiday on Friday, I can’t even explain how excited and nervous I am to fly back to the Big Apple and see old friends. Of course it is time to celebrate, I will be spending my first ever Thanks Giving in America. Fingers crossed to look forward to many many more visits ahead.

Straight after I get back I have a few days in England then heading back to Hong Kong and China for a week. Can you believe how much I have fitted in before Xmas. Most of my blog will be queued. If I don’t get to any of your messages I promise to over the Christmas Break.

I hope for all you Americans you have a lovely Thanks Giving. I can’t WAIT to tell you what shenanigans I get up to. For all those enjoying a drink tonight, raise your glass for me, for a safe journey.




New Season New Start


I braved it and went for the chop! What do you think? It’s been a long time coming but I’ve wanted short hair for so long.


Over the last couple of months I have started to change my habbits for the better. I know I love junk food and half of the time I am too tired to remove my makeup properly. But I have kicked this to the curb pre new year and decided to take better care of myself.

I started with making easy changes to my diet adding in tonns of veg to every single meal. My favourite are – asparagus, spinach, peppers and mushrooms they go with everything too. But with any diet change comes flaws. My face has decided to have breakout after breakout and my t-zone is covered with sore red spots. Which is ironic as when eating bag after bag of Harribo I have a clear complexion. I am determined to work through it until the breakouts disappear. I’m hoping it will only take a week or two

To reward myself I popped into The Selfridges. Not only is it great to eat well but I thought that it was the perfect time to have a new skincare routine, especially as winter is coming up and I’m flying a lot between now and January. I went to the Clinique counter and was served by Lynda, she was really helpful and honest about what products would suit my skin.

I ended up going for a small set of 3-step which is just face soap, clarifying lotion and daily mouisteriser. I got given a couple of free products too – make-up remover and 7 day daily scrub. Being as impatient as I am I opened them on the first opportunity I could.

Make-up Remover – Although this was just one of my freebies I love how easily it removes all the foundation and dirt from my skin. It’s a really oily texture and glides about the face. I am definitely

Face soap – This is nice and easy to use with just warm water and a flannel. I don’t find the product much different to other brands though at the moment.

Clarifying lotion – I really don’t like the smell of this. It works very similar to a toner, there to get deeper into your pores. It is surprising how well it works, certainly going to be a product I stick with.

Mouisteriser – This is my favourite out of the pack I love the smell and texture (not too thick or runny) It’s leaves my face looking rather greasy but only for a few hours.

It’s best to do this all in the evening rather than morning as it leaves my face so greasy/shiny. Once I wake up my skin has absorbed it all. I hope that during the colder months that it keeps my face looking fresh and hydrated! Overall I’m really pleased with the products.


Have you used Clinque products before? Whats your favourite product you can’t cope without?