Bohemian blaze

tumblr_nia705prua1rd0syto1_540 tumblr_njkr3z1ZeS1rs58s9o1_500 tumblr_mzvsc9AXfi1qj6yu8o1_540Granted boho has been about forever, but what is not to love. This devoret dress is amazing, I will be keeping an eye out everywhere for something similar!

Accessorize the boho look with block heel sandals, arm cuffs, multiple rings and bracelets. There is only hope to look as good as these girls! *sigh

90’s neckline

tumblr_nep6q8iPUO1sunhooo1_540 tumblr_nitc67zuEc1rywzf6o1_540 tumblr_ncqbnw1EqY1qa4v6yo1_540 tumblr_njvuakyQig1tlvyjjo1_540

The 90’s neckline and nod to the grunge era has been about for a little while however its stepping away from the spice girl theme and turning less sporty and more chic.

I love the printed cami layered under a neutral wide knit jumper, minimal jewellery also looks amazing with the high neckline.

Fairytale flounce

tumblr_n92l475hol1qlmppmo1_500 tumblr_nkf4nvaPIT1rrns0oo1_540


Flounces are all about the catwalk and on the highstreet. Zara have a lovely collection in both a casual bohemian style as well as a smart day to night style.

Chunky jewellery is something that has been around for a while now, I thought that this piece would look amazing with a flounce jersey top, denim ripped jeans and gladiator sandals.