Before we met – Lucie Whitehouse


Before we met was lent to me by a friend and I found it really entertaining. It’s crosses the conversation “how well can you really know someone” – a some what scary thought joining the dating scene myself in London. Its easy to understand your partner has had a life before you meet, this book explores an exciting story around this. It has the Gone Girl feel I would recommend it a perfect holiday read.


Have you read it? What did you think!


The perfect summer outfit

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This summer the 70’s theme is thriving, find all the tan, white and denim you own. Make it boho by layering necklaces and a straw hat, or for a more chic look add with heels, these in the 3rd image are gorgeous, ghille lace shoes would also look amazing for this look.

Here are a few of my favourite styles….

Sam’s Brasserie – Chiswick

Photo 12-04-2015 11 51 16Photo 12-04-2015 11 49 14  Photo 12-04-2015 12 01 47

Brunch is by far my favourite meal of the day. It’s what weekends are here for. Last weekend I checked out Sam’s Brasserie in Chiswick which is tucked around the corner from the lamb pub. Its nice and spacious with a friendly vibe. We managed to sneak in just before Sunday lunch – its a great area for large groups. Luckily Jenna and I found a cosy corner to have a good old gossip. The menu was filled with lots of mouth watering dishes – I went for the light (probably loads of calories) yoghurt.


I drank – Pear, Lemon and Ginger juice (wake me up juice)

I ate – Granola, yoghurt, fruit and honey