Harry Potter Studios


This weekend has been a busy one. It is my birthday weekend I made the most of it by seeing friends and family, going out for dinner with the girls and then off to Harry Potter Studios. This definitely being my highlight. I went here with my Mum and Dad, although I might be turning 21 you can never be too old for Harry Potter.

We set out in good time and arrived far to early so we found a shopping center near by, although it didn’t look great from the outside it had really popular high street stores inside, where I treated myself to a grey jersey blazer. It’s Great to make any casual outfit to look smart or just as an extra layer (preparing myself for winter already). I also had a great browse around ZARA and found so many things, however I’m broke so a wish list will just have to do. After a spot of crappy lunch we were all excited to make our way back to the Studio’s.

Being the birthday girl there was a lovely surprise at the beginning of the tour (I don’t want to give too much away for those who plan to go) and we were all then left to explore the world of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and Privet drive. I had so much fun with plenty of exciting photo opportunities. It surprisingly turned out to be great weather so my parents and I sat outside with a cold cup of Butterbeer, which once you get past the frothy stuff on top tastes surprisingly nice; anybody that has an extreme sweet tooth it’s the perfect beverage.

All in all it was such a great day, after spending 4 hours looking at all the props and taking plenty of pictures we ended up in the gift shop where you can buy anything from the movie, like Dumbledoor’s Robes a Nimbus 2000, or more in my price range a chocolate frog, and a chocolate wand for that someone special!

I would highly recommend any Harry Potter fan to visit if they can, you find out all sorts of facts which can sometimes take away some of the magical aspects of the film, but for me it totally just added to the fascination. It is a pre-book system so allow a lot of time before you plan to go.


What I wore: Shirt H&M, Necklace second hand, Jeans MissGuided, Converse Office, Handbag Italy market.


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