Milan Fashion Week


And there past London fashion week faster than any other! Being away for the weekend made me feel like I really missed out. I have been looking through collections whilst at my internship pulling future trends, so slowly have been catching up and feeling very excited. Although London Fashion Week had just finished I couldn’t be sad for long as Milan started yesterday, and with a bang at least.

Gucci kicked off the beginning of Milan Fashion Week with a beautiful array of pop colours and frills, however it was the designer Angelo Marani whos collection sprung out to me. His innovative use of prints sparked inspiration and that warm fuzzy feeling when you know its something you must have. Shortly followed by the sinking heart, because lets face it, its never going to happen!!

The collection took a sophisticated African print route, taking leopard print to a new level, yes I thought leopard print couldn’t be included in yet another season, but this made me think I was all wrong. Marani’s collaboration with animal print, floral and tropical spice made me forget these cold mornings and wish for the summer already. Well that’s after Christmas has past…


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