Bad Blogger

I have been a really really bad blogger recently, and I have no excuses! I’m not overly busy to be perfectly honest. In my spare time I have been looking for paid jobs to begin once my internship has come to an end. Being without money is a big struggle. What makes it even more difficult is having everyone around me buying new things and venturing out on expensive days out which I can’t even enjoy. All first world problems yes I know but 6 months working really really hard for free is beginning to get me down. Alas positive thinking as the position I am in at the moment (accessory designer for Brit-Kids) could maybe eventually lead to a paid position? Or not!

But I am not here to moan or complain, I am incredibly lucky to have savings which I can fall back on and I have plenty of things to look forward too.

Two of my friends have a new addition to their families, one is due any day now, and I am extremely excited and anxious for the safe arrival of her little girl. For my other friend we have a little while to wait for her little surprise.


Yesterday was the happy 3 month anniversary of me and my boyfriend and I can’t wait to celebrate with him next weekend, he lives quiet a few hours away and we couldn’t see each other this weekend! I know 3 months to many is a petty stepping stone but not for me. I am so happy I could find a reason to celebrate most days with him- too cheesy!? Yes maybe, but I don’t talk about him much because any who read this I could bore you to tears.


Anyway I really didn’t want this blog turning too personal, it was meant to be for inspiration and fashion influences which it will continue to be just I thought I would talk away as I have nothing to do at home today and my blog is looking pretty empty! Sorry….


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