Internship Brit-Kids


The time has come and I have found myself another internship. They are great experience and a wonderful way to improve my portfolio and CV. I am lucky to get such a local opportunity that has given me such an amazing role to do in their company. The only severe down side is lack of pay, and this would be getting me down if I haven’t just spent birthday money on an iPad eeeek so worth it!

At present I am working for Brit Kids a traditional British clothing brand that focuses on high quality and classic style clothing that embraces British culture! I have been creating an accessory collection for them and have been heavily involved in their collection from developing their initial research, creating inspiration boards for the collection to be based around to designing a final collection for both boys and girls.


The two ladies I work for are lovely. They are young and really focused individuals who are working really hard for their band to be successful, from what they tell me and the opportunities they are getting it seems to be working.

This week so far I have created line up boards for 5 different products to look like a cohesive collection. After sending a collection of images and emails back on forth I finally went to meet the founders of Brit Kids, we all seem to be on the same page of fabrications, style and finishing touches. By the end of the week I spent the day in London looking around for suitable fabric samples. It was more difficult then I expected, I was searching for a list they had given me of certain tartans, tweeds and cottons. Some fabrics they were a bit to brief on so I really hope that when I go to see them they don’t feel as if I am useless!!!

Although I’m not able to post any of my design or inspiration boards on here as soon as I am able to I will, I will also put images and links to the website of the products when they are on sale so you can see what I have been doing.


All images are copyright to Brit-Kids Ltd, from their AW 12/13 collection


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