Its starting to feel a lot like Christmas


December is FINALLY here and what am I greeted with, no not an advent calendar but a cold. Oh the joy so I spent the whole weekend nursing a foggy head and sore throat.

My boyfriend had the ideal cure going to a new Ice Cream Parlour Sprinkles it was so yum and very soothing on a throat that feels like sand paper!! Check out what I had πŸ™‚


Yes there are probably double the calories then I even imagined but it was so worth it. The depressing thing is I couldn’t finish it.

What was even worse my sister invited me and the boyfriend around for sunday dinner with her and her family. I barely came close to the mountain of food she cooked and that made me feel terrible. I will most DEFF be buying her a waffle like this, or cook her and the family dinner, I know her to well she will not turn down Ice Cream!

I hope you are all enjoying the count down to the festive season!!



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