Ralf the Reindeer

“Rudolf, Prancer, Dasher”


My family and I gave out a little laugh when my niece Katie suggested that one of Santa’s reindeers was called Ralf. Mum and I went to her dress rehearsal performance of  her very first ever nativity play last week. She was a total star smiling at us and singing as best as she could. Funny enough the play was all about Ralf the reindeer that could not fly!


Katie played the part of a snowflake, and asked her beloved Aunt (me) to make her costume for her! I was delighted to take on the challenge. Any mums out there would know how little time you get to make these things, it also has to be practical so that a 4 year old can get in and out of it by themselves.

I made a basic white tunic, with large armholes and neck  so she could easily pull it over her head. I put a large silver snowflake on both the front and back of the costume, so she wouldn’t have to worry about putting it on backwards! Finally I added tinsel at the bottom. She really loved it and looked fantastic.



The play went very well despite the shaky start of Christmas tree #3 bursting into tears after a red ball ball fell off his costume. Congratulations Katie on your first ever nativity performance, I am sure this won’t be the last costume I make you!


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