So who else watched Clueless yesterday, courtesy of Channel 4? I did, in style too I might say so myself. I chucked on my baby pink pj’s, tied my hair back and slapped on a boots face mask – which was cold, refreshing and has made my face feel silky smooth!!

Clueless is just one of those films that is trash but you love to watch it anyway. I laughed at the hairstyles and plenty of the outfits but let out a sigh when I released it was released in 1995! Now that makes me feel old!

And what makes me feel older is that 90’s is having a comeback, I am thrilled to be re-living 90’s trends but doesn’t it feel like its an era that we JUST left around the corner? I did however fall totally head over heels with Wildfox s/s 13 Lookbook! It could not have come at a better time!!!

A clueless inspired fashion masterpiece (much more stylish then the movie!)







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