Lights Camera Action


Ok so I have had a little free time recently, between looking for new jobs and building my portfolio I managed to squeeze in a few movies. Alas I am not a film critic and these are all just personal opinions of movies I have watched over the last few days.


Cast away was on sky go and I had the luxury of eating breakfast in bed whilst leisurely watching this on my Ipad. I haven’t seen this movie nor have people gone into much detail when talking about it.

It’s not a movie I would watch over again and again but it is ONE to watch. Tom Hanks character is in a plane crash and uses his incredible survival skills to be swept away for FOUR YEARS!!! I will keep my lips sealed not to spoil any more. It is a beautiful display of character, emotion and hope. Tom Hanks is just an amazing actor – truly talented and not obsessed with celebrity culture like so many “famous actors.” However be prepared there is a major tearjerker, I wish I was warned!!!


Ruby sparks is another film I have watched recently, I know it was at the cinema AGES ago but I have only recently had time to go see it. I didn’t expect much to be honest, the poster doesn’t really show much, but it was an excuse to pass time with the boyfriend. It was the perfect choice too!! I thought that it was a totally refreshing take on a romance movie. Its due for release on DVD on the 11th of Feb – one I might add to my valentines wish list!!

I managed to look past my pet hate for coloured tights, and fall for this tale, like any relationship it showed the ups and downs and how you shouldn’t change your other half one little bit.

Now I don’t want to come across with being lazy as these two aren’t even a dent on the movies I have managed to watch over the Christmas period (being the beginning of January this still to me is a logic excuse). I have started to make a little list of movies I really want to watch. Gangster Squad, The Virgin Suicides and 500 days of Summer are next on my list.


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