Universtiy Project – Year 1

These are all images from my first few projects at University. I got to experience a project in Menswear which was fun and challenging and remains one of my favourite University experiences. Image

This is an image from my sketchbook on my first project that had to be could be based on any picture. I chose Stonehenge to create a powerful silhouette and try to incorporate vertical and horizontal forms.



As a child “Where the wild things are” was one of my favourite books. The film was released about 3 months before this project. I really wanted to imagine who Max would be once he grew up and what kind of clothes he would wear when he reached his 20’s.

I included details like a square hood to give the illusion of ears like on the outfit he wears during the movie. the playful proportions worked really well and the only thing I would change about the outfitΒ  would be the pockets. They would need to be larger to be practical and I think 2d with a fastening to be more aesthetically pleasing.Image


My final project before I embarked on my exchange in New York was based on any era. This was based on the 1950’s. Although I do like this outfit there would be so much I would change looking back. The fit of the skirt needs lots of adjustment and the overall execution would be improved if I revisited this.

Alas being my first full outfit project you can’t expect miracles! The fabrications were so soft and luxurious whilst the sleeve had fun innovative pattern cutting.


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