I’m a Barbie Girl


You’re never too old to dress up a Barbie. The total satisfaction of picking out an outfit, with accessories and being convinced that you made a great choice and that Barbie will most definitely enjoy her day in her new ensemble.

Earlier this week my neighbour brought round vintage Barbie clothes for my niece. It was such a sweet gesture, although I’m about 10 years to old to play with a Barbie I could not keep my hands off of them! The most exciting thing was that they were all home made too! Not only vintage but bespoke too. Katie’s (my niece) Barbie is the best-dressed Barbie in the dream house!!


Katie brought round Jasmine from Aladdin whose skin tone was perfectly complemented with the bold 70’s colours. I think my favourite outfits were the yellow and white jumper dress, the red and white Spanish dress and the jade poncho with hood and matching trousers! It makes me realize that you don’t have to spend £10.99 just spend a few fun hours to create something individual and high fashion.


Being totally into fashion myself I am going to dedicate a day of designing some couture outfits and making her some out of spare fabric – I guess my niece could be a junior designer for the day! Watch this space.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Barbie Girl

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