Master Of Couture

Today Mum and I had a mother daughter day. It was well overdue and we had a lovely day in London. We decided to go to lunch at Somerset house and visit the Valentino Exhibition.

After paying the rather expensive entry fee we worked our way through the enchanting displays, first looking at invitations, letters and telegrams expressing congratulations to Valentino and then charming pictures and quick pencil designs. To be honest I don’t tend to hang around reading text unless I feel it is really necessary to understand the piece that you are looking at. Thankfully my mum is the same and we followed the exhibition upstairs to the beautiful array of outfits.


It was set out in dim lighting setting the scene of the catwalk. You as the viewer played the role of the model and on looked to the garments, which were perfectly placed in the audience with names on chairs of famous icons that would usually sit front row.My mother was the perfect partner in crime keeping my guard so I could take a few snaps of my favourite dresses and details. Obviously they aren’t quality pictures at all, but its something to remember my day by and give you a sneak peak on here!


The only true disappointment was the book available after the exhibition; books like these I love to put on my bookshelf and build my collection of inspiration (slowly but surely it is growing). This book didn’t include any shots from the exhibition, it was mainly pictures of Valnetino himself or pictures of techniques that have been used. Maybe a different one will be released at a later date?


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