All things Edible


For some reading this post will be a repeat but I am having issues with posts being magically deleted by wordpress 😦


Last weekend was bit of an indulge, I am a total foodie and love experiencing new food and restaurants. My parents and I went to a Japanese restaurant to semi celebrate my first week of a full time job. Although I was at two different locations – its difficult to explain!



It was great reading a menu where you have no idea what you are ordering! I haven’t had sushi in so long I was so excited to indulge. We decided to go for the California rolls and the salmon rolls, we also ordered a tempora basket which contained seafood in a light batter! Super Yum.


It felt like the waitress was a bit of a feeder, bringing out a buttery soup, veg and rice and then our main dish, I ordered tereyaki chicken. Its a dish you simply can’t go wrong with, if you have never tried it, its like a soy sauce sweet and sour (probably inacurate but it is the only way I can explain!). The chicken was amazing lovely and tender and full of flavour, it could have been served slightly hotter but other than that it was delicious.


As you all know my friend is due her baby this Saturday, doesn’t time just go so fast! We popped to the shops together to get some last few bits for her hospital bag and for a little mooch around. I was desperate to get some macarons from the bakery and made sure we head in there.


They were beautifully coloured in pale pinks, fuchsia pinks, oranges and lilacs. are carefully selecting raspberry, cherry andΒ  pink champagne the waitress carefully packaged up the little delights. They were a bit over priced but I still went over the top and brought 3 bags, one for myself of course, a bag for my parents and a bag for someone special who’s birthday is in the next couple of days!


I also managed to catch up with an old friend we have been so close since we were born. We spend most of our time together playing cards, watching movies, painting nails and eating. I decided to take over some srummy gooey chocolate chip cookies! Whenever I make them in this house between my parents, my niece and nephew they disapear instantly. A good indication to know that they are a huge success! Image

Who said January is about calorie counting! I’m off out to dinner, I hope this all got your taste buds going πŸ™‚


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