Cath Kidston style Nail Art


I have to thank my friend Rachel the total star who painted my nails for me! I think they look amazing. I love quirky nail art, but I have the clumsiest hands that fail at doing just a base coat let alone anything fancy.

This is how Rachel did my nails. Using Barry M “strawberry” for base coat, Revelon “fuschia fever” for the flower both available from Boots or Superdrug. The white and green detailing was a gift so maybe look on eBay!


First I took off all the excess nail varnish from last time, I’m a sucker for chipped nail varnish start off painting my nails with good intentions and always spoil them before they even got dry! Well certainly not today with all the effort that has been put in!!Image

  1. The Barry M nail varnish is so pale so applied about 3 coats. Wait until this is completely dry before you move on to the next stage.
  2. Using the fine tip of the white nail art polish on your thumb and pinky place random polka dots.IMG_2204
  3. On your middle finger draw diagonal lines, I fitted 4 each way to create a criss-cross.IMG_2210
  4. With the Revelon nail varnish dot about 4 random small blobs, here we used a fine paint brush instead of the varnish brush. It looked effective where the whole flower didn’t fit entirely on the nail. Create the leafs on the flowers by using the green nail art brush flicking small lines on either side of the pink flower.
  5. For extra detail place tiny dots inside the flowers using the white nail art polish and tahhh dahhh!!!

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