For Her…

Yes its time to give gift ideas for valentines, to those who have no clue, and the ones who just need a gentle hint! Or just in case someone looks at my blog and leaves an anonymous present on my door step!


1. Belt – Topshop – Adorable heart buckle, a tan belt also goes with so many things!

2. DVD – Midnight in Paris – Play – I love snuggling up and watching a good movie

3. Bra and Knickers – H&M – Such a cute print, I would only advise to get underwear if you are in an established relationship though otherwise it is a bit creepy!

4. Makeup – Benefit – You cant go wrong with this set, high beam and bene tint are must have makeup bag essentials

5. Handbag – Topshop – Pauls boutique isn’t usually my fav but these blush colours are great they go with everything and the patient always looks clean and new!

6. Sweets – Riverisland – An edible gesture goes a very long way. I love the vintage style packaging.

7. Wipes – Topshop – I travel a lot so keeping wipes in my travel bag and handbag is important to me. Especially when they are as cute as these.


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