NYFW – Buy for AW 13/14

Now we are coming to the end of the winter season (thank god) any new purchases you buy you want to be on trend for next season! Whilst looking through many fashion shows I have found a selection of items that are on the highstreet already and look like key players in the MUST HAVE section for next winter.


The metallic jumper.

Metallic has been all over the catwalk for a little while now, and doesn’t look like it is going anywhere for a little while thankfully! Purchase metallics in darker hues like bronze and copper to be on trend next season!


The Boxy Coat.

For a casual coat the boxy one is perfect. The crop like style is also ideal for you ladies that are on the shorter side like me! Navy’s and greens are colours that are going to be HOT fall 13 so steer towards them and away from black/grey.



A while ago I did a mini post on how excited I was that these full skirts are making a comeback. These are a couple of my fav from the catwalk. Wear them from the office straight to the bar. The length and style is perfect for any occasion!


Finally a shirt that isn’t sheer. Look for styles with quirky details like this one with lace shoulders. interesting collars and cuffs are also details that look cute. Fit to a gothic style to keep on trend into next winters lookbooks!


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