MFW- Want Want Want

After a relaxing weekend coming back to the hustle and bustle of work

has been a bit of a blow. Not only have a pulled a muscle in my back which

is making me constantly short of breath I had the extremely upsetting news

that Tabitha (my cat) didn’t get any better. She had to be put down early

Sunday morning. My parents felt it was for the best so she could be in peace

and not suffer any longer.

On a lighter note I have selected all that I want want want from Milan Fashion

Week so far…


The perfect tailored trousers. Tweed is always timeless and will go with
anything neutral in your wardrobe. My old trousers need throwing awaythat these are the perfect update. I love the highwaist and widder leg
suiting perfectly to the upcoming masculine trend.



Two tone roll necks actually look so sleek. I never really wear this kind
of neckline as I’m never too sure how I look when you can’t see my
neck!! I will be on the hunt for a light fabric in two-tone which breaks up
the neck. I am also so in love with the contouring, perfect for showing off
a womanly shape.


Cornflower blue seems to be floating about the catwalk and I just can’t
wait to embrace the Alice in me. The oversized look reminds me of
Alice after she has taken a bit of the shrinking potion.


You know that moment you see something and feel as it is the one that
nothing will ever be the same if it is not placed firmly in your wardrobe
well after I saw this jumper dress I could not stop looking at it again and
again. Combining it with metallic polo and leggings was again just
PERFECT – have I gotten my point across!!!


I found this jersey top just charming. Stripes are in every season but this
diagonal print is super cute – sorry for sounding very American but it is
the only way I can logically describe it! Hopefully we will see replica’s in
stores like AA and Topshop.


The rich wine colour brings the perfect sophistication to winter. Bold colours
pop away from typical dull winter shades. It is a must have item I think.
If a colour suit or coat isn’t your style then embrace it with a jersey or
scarf ( I recommend HOBBS their winter scarfs come in gorgeous colours
and prints).


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