Are you a Real Woman?


Isn’t this a strange comparison. Victoria’s Secret telling people you can only love your body if you are 5 10″ and skinny and all adopt the same long glossy hair. Dove on the flip side saying you are not a real woman if you don’t have curves. I know these aren’t the newest campaigns, it is just a powerful comparison.

Society seems to be confused, constantly needing to tell women of all ages of what they should look like in order to be desirable. Lets face it we can’t walk out the house everyday looking as if we have had hair and makeup stylist prep and prime us. Nor do we have Photoshop in real life.

The day beauty companies stop drumming a stereotypical body of what women SHOULD look like. The beauty is not in the what society perceives us to be but if we can see beauty in our self. It is an issue that will always be on fashion blogs, beauty blogs and in all the magazines you read. It is if you chose to ignore the constant imagery you see consciously and subconsciously!

What do you feel about this campaign? Do you feel being a women there is more pressure than males?


One thought on “Are you a Real Woman?

  1. Reblogged this on Luce Bien and commented:
    Vaya que es cierta esta publicación, yo pienso que todos tenemos cualidades diferentes y debemos aprender a destacarlas y a explotar nuestra imagen y personalidad.
    ¿Tú qué piensas?

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