I whip my Hair back and forth!


I have very thin hair and find that using extra hair products great for the condition but awful for making my hair super greasy. Where I have highlighted my hair for the past few years its important to do special treatments to improve the condition.

I don’t tend to blow dry or straighten my hair on a daily basis, it is only if I have an occasion to attend.


This was a perfect remedy to use before I was styling my hair before a day out. This meant I want to make some extra precautions for the heat I would be using either straightening or curling my locks. I brought from the local supermarket £4 for 4 tubes.

Now when it tells you to read the instructions before you use it is really important to as you have to apply this very different to other hair care products. I find hot oil perfect to use when I’m having a bath rather than a shower. You simply drop tube in the bathtub to make the oil “hot oil.” You also apply the oil on your hair BEFORE you shampoo and condition, a mistake I have made in the past.

The smell isn’t great which is really off putting, but the light texture is great for my hair as when you come to style it doesn’t feel weighed down or doesn’t get greasy quickly.


This is a product I have been going back to again and again over the years. The smell is incredible and it makes my hair feel so super sleek. I tend to use the 3-minute miracle. As my hair is so thin I find their shampoo conditioner combo too heavy and it makes my hair greasy before the end of the day.

I use the 3-minute miracle about twice a week it keeps my hair looking nice and shiny and smelling perfect! Don’t use the intense conditioner however if you plan to style your hair in a bow or any other form that needs structure because it will flop!


This is a one off product I brought from boots when I just wanted to pamper myself these little sachets are perfect to fit in a travel bag too! I found it very similar to Aussie hair care, but didn’t smell so good that you have to resist trying to taste it!

After applying my day to day shampoo and conditioner I put this on my hair concentrating on the middle to end section. It made it feel so silky and soft. Again it made my hair get greasier quicker as I usually find this adding an extra product.

It will defiantly be a product that I go back to though, as I travel on weekends quiet often to see my boyfriend I don’t like to clutter up my bath bag with big products like the Aussie Hair care. This is practical as I can dispose after one use. They retail at around 99p which is a bargain, I will stock up as glossy hair is my fav.


Cheeky pic of me and my SHINY hair!


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