Thats What She Said

My favourite inspirational quotes that I have been slowly collecting!



The more you know the more interesting you are. Play dumb and you are justΒ  closing
so many opportunities. When girls think that they need to be dumb to impress a man
is so wrong. Any man worth having wants to talk about more then your beauty regime.


Basically be the best you can be and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Aim where you want to go in life, no goal is too high.


Don’t be a bitch, because it looks bad on you. People don’t want to assocciate
themselves with people that will probably be gossiping about them once they have left
the room.

Some things take time and its hard when you know people are judging you
or gossiping because you haven’t reached your goal yet. Hold your head highif you want to get there enough you can make it.



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