**Make a Wish**


This is a tale how my local community came together and raised money for a loving family going
through a tough time.


Grace was diagnosed with has a very aggressive form of cancer called Rabdosarcoma she is 9 years old. Since being diagnosed she has had nine cycles of intensive chemotherapy where she has had to stay in hospital for four days at a time, enduring radiotheraphy five days a week which has lasted for six weeks, she has also been on oral tables for a year. She has recently had a nine hour operation to remove her bladder as unfortunately they could not save it due to the excessive amount of cancerous cells, this has led to a very bad infection. The Make a Wish charity have granted Grace her wish to go to Disneyland Paris. This will give Grace the chance to forget about her illness, forget about her treatment, create memories and be able to act like other 9 year olds.


Unfortunately Make A Wish can only provide funding for Grace and one parent, leaving her siblings and other parent behind. This is where Mothers from Grace’s School felt it was necessary to raise the money to enable to whole family to share this experience together. It is really important for all the family to spend time together meeting Mickey and Minnie and having fun.


It was great seeing the amount of people, companies and organizations willing to get involved and give generously. Laura (my sister) made 70 cupcakes, 4 cakes and plenty of other yummy treats. Whilst others also stepped in making more cakes and sweet bits!


I made one of my personalised Teddy Bears for the raffle that was also being done. Other gifts that were given were  £250 paintballing voucher 3 months free gold membership at Bodysound, One month free family swim at Flemming Park Beauty vouchers, Cath Kidson Ipad Case (which I won!!!) Meal for 2 at Hilton Hotel Southampton Pass for 2 Spirit Health Club, Brit Kids products, Peter Green Paper Weight and Photo Frame, Selection of T-Shirts, VIP Portrait Place Card 2 Tickets to Maylower to see Hairspray! And so much more……

Laura managed to raise £1000, Aviva – who she works for has agreed to make a donation matching what she has raised! A huge thank you to EVERYONE who got involved and donated 🙂


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