Kim Kardashian

This is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the media, I have never really been a Kardashian fan myself to be honest but I can’t stand to see how the media thinks it can get away with bullying someone for being pregnant. I am sure you all have been made brutally aware of KimK’s HUGE weight gain. But here is the news flash she is pregnant. She is not ruining her body she is holding her baby. I think that it is truly disgusting how the media have been able to bully Kim and encourage an “extreme diet”.

If it hasn’t been clear to others before then I am sure it is now, but Kim is meant to be a curvy woman, not the tiny size she has been able to keep to pre-pregnancy. The amount of women that are actually this size before pregnancy or even during who have to see the media terrorise her. Yes she is obviously conscious of her weight gain, but it is 90% because there is a baby growing inside of her. It actually infuriates me how thick and nasty gossip magazines are and how people encourage it buy buying them.

And of course being FAT means you can’t be in a happy relationship, being FAT means you cant actually be truly loved. Being pregnant of course means that you are just FAT, clearly.

tumblr_mkgcc994sY1rnfb9bo1_500 tumblr_mki1511EEe1rnfb9bo1_500
I think it is great to actually see a normal sized celebrity during pregnancy, who carry a child like every other woman we know. After all being a celebrity doesn’t actually mean anything, they are human and should most defiantly be treated like one. I think its sad that she will be pressured into losing all of this terrible weight straight after having the baby rather than enjoying family bonding time. That is of course if Kanye doesn’t chose to leave Kim because she got too fat??


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