Zara Wishlist


I’m sure its not just me who has noticed that Zara have doubled their prices…
I am an avid Zara shopper and have been so happy with lots of my Zara purchases. I enjoy having something that is more than just the every day highstreet item. The brand image that Zara have been able to create over the years has always been the sophisticated and fashion concious lady. Well thats what they do, lure you in with candy and cookies and as soon as you’re hooked BAM they up the price. Which sucks as they are one of the quickest brands that brought the catwalk to the highstreet.

Right now they are selling items from my favourite trends and I just can’t help myself browsing their website, and more than likely raiding their stores at the weekend. After plenty of looking about of what my favourite items are I picked the cobalt blue look. It has been about a little while and it is extending over to next fall, so pick your purchases right and it can be money well spent.

Here are the looks on the catwalk…

The vibrant colour can lift any outfit and surprisingly make it look elegant. I have a few cobalt pieces in my wardrobe but definately not enough blue accessories. The beauty with picking accessories you can team with plenty of outfits refreshing them making them more “new season”

Here is my Zara Wishlist…

I have had my eye on this shirt for forever and I am now dead cert that I am going to buy it. A block white shirt is so in with the white trend. It can also be rocked with the monochrome trend. Or as we see here with the cobalt blue and tribal look. The shoes are also sooooo amazing. I love matching shoe with handbag, makes me feel grown up!! Although I love the skirt and handbag I think that these are both items that will be able to be brought cheaper from other stores like New Look and H&M and who wants to over spend?!!

All items can be brought at ZARA.


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