April Fools…


Welcome once again to my world of Instagram. I still find the app totally addictive and temporarily hijacked with beautiful pictures of Poppy! However looking back over the last month I have had lots of happy memories to publish onto Insta. London was a great day and I still can’t get over the gold man! This Kenzo Jumper is a precious eBay find for a fab price, trying to get plenty more wears out of it before the sunshine hits! And finally me and Adam getting snap happy.


A quick snap before work. I love wearing my hair in a bun as it is quick and easy to do and stays fuss free all day. Mum and Dad brought me back lots of little presents from their mini break. This pineapple and pomegranate hand cream smells incredible. It was Katie’s 5th birthday party as you may know. Now she is officially a big girl and should be classed as a grown up apparently!


In Vogue Italia (my favourite Vogue) came a card from Dior, once I opened it this folded paper flower let out the beautiful Dior perfume. Very good advertising. Woody is my sisters new hamster, named by Katie and Bradley and he is cute!! These Zara shoes are my purchase of the week, I brought the matching handbag too, can’t wait to get good use out of them!

Got to LOVE Instagram. follow me @ela2g. Or let me know if you would like me to follow you!


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