Food Fest


I spent all day Saturday with a really close friend of mine Charly. We shopped in the morning, got soaking wet going to the supermarket buying all the ingredients for our MAJOR food fest. We both love to cook and LOVE to eat. Usually we will just take it in turns to cook for each other. But Saturday was different we drank Mojitos, pear and apple chasers and Pink Champagne whilst cooking the most incredible dishes. After looking at how much we made, and how much of it we finished I am shocked we are both not the size of a house!!


We started with an all time classic cheesy nachos, and proceeded to watch Drop Dead Gorgeous, such a funny movie and it set the theme for a 90’s movie night.


This is what our table spread looked like, I am hungry just looking at it. If only it was possible to eat like this every weekend!


This is a prawn dish I made from scratch it had fresh tomatoes, roasted peppers, onion and garlic. I added some of the sauce from the pepper jar which gave it an Asian taste. It was incredible…


The garlic mushrooms were Charly’s idea as we brought so many mushrooms and didn’t want them to go to waste! Simply mixing garlic with double cream and cooking the mushrooms in butter. With all that fat how could they not taste amazing!


Charly’s pasta dishes are always so yum, this had double cream, wild mushrooms and pancetta, I couldn’t stop eating it!!


This was probably my least favourite dish which is a shame. It was chicken with button mushrooms and more pancetta. Unfortunately I wasn’t keen on the Chinese seasoning used as I thought it tasted slightly artificial. In hind sight, making a spicy tomato sauce would have been perfect


And finally after a few hours of letting the food settle and the drinks flow we proceeded to melt chocolate which we enjoyed whilst dipping two punnets of strawberries in. We both had no shame of eating the chocolate with our spoons after!!

It was great having such a chilled day/night watching so many of our favourite movies and having a great catch up. I’m pretty sure it won’t be long until our next food fest. Maybe stick to a stricter size portion next time!!


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