Health Kick


When the warmer weather hits I always get motivated to have a bit of a detox and eat super healthy for a week or two. Although between times I wouldn’t say I eat bad I just have a soft spot for chocolate, cheese and fast food!! I have made an effort to get up early enough to have a glass of Orange juice, which is a good source of vitamin and counts towards one of my 5 a day. I tend to eat something filling whether it be peanut butter on toast which contains healthy fats, crumpets if I’m being naughty! Or egg and soldiers a personal favourite!!


Lunch consists mainly of fruit, I eat a banana as I find this filling. I will also eat blueberries, strawberries and grapes and tend to have a yoghurt with granola. Most of the time this is plenty, but if I am having a super hungry day I will snack on melba dry toast or a packet of low fat crisps on the odd occasion.



Dinner times I like to eat fish or chicken dishes, sardines on toast is one of my favourite meals, although I do understand its a love it or hate it dish! I like doing salmon and boiled egg salads or a chicken salad. I’m not a massive fan of dressing so I will usually have the salad dry as well.


I realise all I do is think about food and my next meal! A good sign of a healthy appetite its just important to make sure that my portion size is sensible and that I have a good mixture of greens as well as meat. I try to cut out pasta and potato dishes during my evening meals and stick to something light. If I get the 9 o’clock munchies then I snack on cereal. I hope the warm weather comes back soon, on these cold dark days I’ve just been pigging out more and more.


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