Packing Tips…


Ok so I haven’t even had time to stop and breathe, to even think about what I am doing. To be honest I don’t even need to, everything seems to be falling into place well despite me procrastinating when it comes to packing EVERYTHING.

I thought I would write ESSENTIAL packing tips!!

Don’t duplicate on items: Although it seems practical to “stock up” on toiletry items I have had to come to terms that I don’t have the space to store endless shampoo bottles or baby wipes. I also don’t want my new pad to look like Honey Boo Boo’s house (a program I am newly addicted too!) Items like these last a long time, I also don’t know if these products are even going to cost more/less in the city!! I have packed plenty of moisturizer as I know the gritty atmosphere is more than likely going to effect my skin.
I have LOADS of fashion books too. For the moment I have picked out the essential ones that inspire and excite. Until I grasp how much space I have I need to be sensible and not clutter up what little room I have!!

Vacuum Bags: I almost forgot that I owned these vacuum bags when I studied in NYC. They were truly a god send and I am planning to use them again. Naturally I have chucked everything I possibly and now I am to be ruthless not packing anything I haven’t worn recently. It is also practical to pack for the season, although in England this feels near to impossible to predict. Therefore I have just created a small selection of clothes in case we have super hot weather, or alas and more likely that we have super cold wet weather.I also have tons of dvds, and dvd cases take up heaps of room. I have bought a wallet case from ebay for under Β£10 to store 500 dvds. although I only have around 100 at least this will last me for the future and saves tons of space. It even has room for my Ipad and other chargers so they can be packed away too!

To save time and carrying a shed load of bags from the grocery store to my apartment I am going to do a food shop. I have written a list of meals and tried to include enough snacks and condiments to fill the cupboards so I don’t have to waste time (and exercise). Writing lists and being prepared will also save money and make the food I buy go further.


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