First Week


Last Monday evening I moved into my new flat and on the Tuesday morning I started my new job. To say everything has been a crazy rush would be an understatement. Now I have been in my apartment and job a week of days the cracks are starting to show. I have a painful stye on my eye which is causing my eye to hurt each time I blink. I also feel exhausted, working on a new project is EXTREMELY exciting but by the end of the day I am flaked.

However there is no need to complain because I am loving every minute.Β I owe my dad a MASSIVE thank you for doing all the heavy lifting up four flights of stairs. I also owe my mum as I wouldn’t be living here if she didn’t find It didn’t take long making up my bed with my new gorgeous NEXT bedding. I unpacked my clothes as soon as I could trying to figure what to wear this week to work!

Tuesday was the most nerve racking day, finding the bus stop, meeting my team and settling into a new role has been playing on my mind lots. Sleeping in a new bed has also thrown a spanner in the work making me get less sleep than usual!! Wednesday was my first day doing a full day of work, I was surprised to be able to find my desk amongst the rails and boards of fabulous River Island new designs. Looking at this weeks best sellers and what they have to come is making me just want to shop and do nothing but shop. It is certainly exciting and I just can’t wait to be able to progress in this industry because it truly is my dream.

Next week I get to get involved with meetings and have been set a couple of projects to keep me busy and involved for a future collecting. I am also doing research into some new and exciting products for the Girlswear department!

I managed to embrace the London lifestyle on Wednesday and went for dinner with Adam and his family, after that we went to see the band 1975. Although I was probably the only person in the audience who didn’t know the words or how to bop along in time it was a wicked night.

This week I have plans to play netball, see a couple of friends and plan something great for the weekend in the city!!


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