Living Alone

IMG_2727I am starting to get to grips of living alone – I say this even though I have put a wash on a strange setting and probably have shrunk 70% of my wardrobe! Although I haven’t had a full months pay my budgeting seems to be going well. I am eating a well varied diet, mainly thanks from my flat mate, who isΒ  a excellent cook!! Alas I miss home but I like the feeling of growing up.

I didn’t get to bring Poppy to London with me which is upsetting, she is growing so fast, like all babies do!! I get regular updates about both Poppy and Rosie which ofΒ  course is lovely to hear!

It has been strange getting in the swing of things, working in a new environment, living in the city, making new friends and meeting up with old. After watching a few episodes online of awkward it strangely inspires me to write a few things about myself. I know I am not a writer in any way shape or form but I do enjoy having somewhere to write feelings thoughts and inspiration.

Last weekend I have made the most of enjoying the weather, heading to Christopher’s Place. Somewhere I had never even heard of and would recommend to anyone looking for somewhere to brunch in central London. I enjoyed a everlasting chocolate moose and my friend Roxy ordered the Apple Tart!



We made our way to Hyde park and enjoyed the day of sunshine and gossiping!!

It has been 3 weeks since I moved and it has been going so so fast it is crazy! I hope I keep enjoying myself this much and am able to explore more of the city. I have my boyfriend visiting this weekend, although we don’t have any plans I am looking forward to having a couple of days on the sofa, drinking tea and spending some valuable time as a couple!



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