Design Assistant


As most of you know I have recently joined River Island as a Design Assistant for their Girlswear team. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying it – I don’t mean to be sounding like a nerd but it is great to be in a job that I am so passionate about. There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do all the jobs the team needs to complete, on some occasions it is great to see that it is already mid afternoon, on others it is a nightmare when there is still mountains to finish!

It seems that I have fallen into place well and do the jobs given to me well (I hope the team thinks anyway!!) one of the favourite things I get to do is embellish – which according to my roomie is the word of the week. Do you remember the satisfaction of peeling off PVA from your fingers after art class in Primary school, it still has that same effect. Although now it is glue cement which is quiet literally a bitch to get off the skin!



This is what I love about Girlswear as well that many of the clothes and accessories have the opportunity to be jazzed up in one way or another. Its also going to be very very exciting seeing certain products instore which I know I have contributed too!


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