What would I do without you?


To some this may seem dramatic, and others may know exactly what I am going through. Between my skin getting dry from the windy weather to catching a few rays on the face this Nivea cream is a makeup bag essential. I brought this purely on an off chance as it was on offer (half price at Asda) and I only splashed out Β£2 for it. But it really has been a good cream to use. I tend to have the problem of using a face cream for a week and then my skin will react to it, luckily the Nivea Day Cream compliments my skin perfectly! It doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy and it has SPF 15 so IF the sun does decide to come out this will add an extra bit of protection.

Other makeup bag ESSENTIALS I would recommend would be Vasaline – you just cant go wrong with this for the lips and eyelashes for a fresh face, Benefit High Beam – for a fresh face, MAC Liquid Last Eyeliner – for a sexy or sophisticated look this liner lasts all day just needing a touch up for night, Savalon – for any sunburn or other skin irritations and of course Nivea Day Cream.

Let me know if there is anything you would recommend as a makeup bag essential!


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