A Diary of Pictures


Literally where has the time gone. It feels as if June never even happened!! Thankfully the good weather is beginning to kick in and summer is finally in the air. Resort collections are always the initial highlight of summer. At work I managed to look through the collections multiple times extracting the key and my favourite trends which is definatley a perk. Now all I need to do is find the time to go through Couture!! I went home last weekend and had a great catchup with lots of my friends, this is a picture from a house party I went to! I have also been French braiding my hair and enjoying the crinkly mess the next day!


Whilst I was at home I managed to look through old photo albums with my mum. Which I love doing, all my snapchat friends got bombarded with hideous baby and pictures of me as a kid!! In each of the photos people pointed out how similar me and my niece look! The final image is of Dylan the my friends gorgeous little boy!


I was lucky to receive lots of lovely gifts when I moved into my flat this name charm for my wine glass was one of them. I have already got plenty of use out of it!! Whist cooking I noticed that the oil created a heart shape *sigh* I’m such a sucker for girly things. The final picture is where I catch the bus in the morning, the sunshine always makes everything look beautiful.


These are my kittys who I miss dearly. I know I am destined to be an old lady obsessed with Cats. I can’t believe how big Poppy is getting. I have been hearing so many amusing stories of what little terror she is being. Rosie is my other cat, shes the perfect companion for snuggles and early morning wake up calls! In a few weeks time I will be going to house sit and am already looking forward to lots of cuddles. I don’t need telling I know its sad!!


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