Dress me Wear me….


Working in the fashion industry always sparks the conversation of dressing friends for special events or help them rebuild their wardrobe. I have never thought that I would be any good. Usually my own clothes are seen to be a little “out there” although I find them the bog standard in fashion thing.

Recently though I think it is important to build on a wardrobe that you are confident in and there are a few key points that can change your look which might not even mean you need to change much in your wardrobe.

I would recommend to start with the simple things…

Change your leggings to :

Black skinny jeans
Wet look leggings
Disco Pants

Jazz up your outfit with statement pieces like:


Swap your pumps for heels or boots.

Here are my outfit choices, obviously tops or bottoms can be changed to similar items that you feel more comfortable and confident in.

outfit1&2 outfit3&4 outfit 7&8 Outfit5&6 outfit 9& 10 outfit 1112&13

There is nothing wrong with an outfit repeater or being clever how to use the same items in different ways.

All of these items are from the highstreet and can be found at:






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