What’s the problem with being a Slave to Fashion.


I really do feel like a slave to fashion. Although I don’t dress like Carrie Bradshaw (thank god) or Oliva Palermo (I wish) I find I spend all my time working with fashion, speaking about fashion and even now writing about it too. Some may see this obsession a problem. I however find it fun and exciting – this could possibly be the problem.

It is difficult switching off from work especially when you work in the fashion industry. Between looking for images for my blog, I clip and tear images that will also be beneficial for me at work. This started off to be a super clever idea, you know two birds one stone, then it developed into staying up until 3am looking for a plasic floral necklace to use as inspiration. Which I will let you know I haven’t yet found.

Its that feeling of being addicted, need that pleasure and achievement of discovering a new website, a lookalike or just something that you only ever dreamed of!! 3am seems to roll around far too fast that I make a half assed attempt to ban myself from all those highstreet stores. I am sure I could maybe squeeze a few hours out of my evening not obsessing over new trends and possibly doing something else?

The plan was to write a diary like a recovering addict. I didn’t get too far, I don’t even recall if I made it even a day. Knowing that you are not allowed to do something, always make it more inviting. Yes just call me Eve, after knowing that I shouldn’t visit Topshop’s website just makes it more exciting to find the perfect leather skirt. you know the one, something you have been hunting high and low for ages, and as soon as I need to stop looking I find it straight away!

I hope you are beginning to see how this is becoming a problem. With most of my wages going on rent, travel and food my allowance for clothes isn’t as much as it used to be. That’s the only problem I’m finding with being a slave to fashion.


3 thoughts on “What’s the problem with being a Slave to Fashion.

  1. Fashion is always moving, always exciting, and that’s why we get drawn in! I think society has tried to peg fashion as an industry for only the most superficial but I feel that people should embrace ANYTHING that inspires them! Recently, I have decided to pull out all the stops, move up to NYC after I graduate college this year and work my way up in fashion journalism/merchandising. Keep your obsession going, girl!

    xo modaiolo.wordpress.com

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