July Flys By

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Wow July passed really fast, and now August is here I am ALMOST 22. Where the hell did 21 go? Alas July was a great month with lovely weather.

The birth of Prince George and the month I finally managed to visit platform 9 3/4. It was mine and Adam’s year anniversary, that reminds me how fast time has passed.

Poppy is growing up so big now too, she’s so full of energy and loves having cuddles just perfect!! I miss both her and Rosie, one of the massive downside of living away from home!

July was also the month I was lucky enough to be sent samples from Truly Sopel, check out my blog post Truly Scrumptious. This fab picture of my pins is one of my new dresses from River Island, the staff store and sample sales make a dent into my bank account every month and I have some great finds!!

And of course there was plenty of food, these Harribo are my FAVOURITE SWEETS.


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