Birthday Blues


So another year passes and without sounding like an old bag time really did fly. Although each year I am achieving so much more than I ever hoped the 25 mark is creeping up uncomfortably fast. This birthday was the first ever birthday without my parents (does that mean I now qualify as a grown up?) and however odd it felt, I managed to celebrate with my close friends that also live in London.

Being a terrible event planner – not that 3 friends and a birthday girl counts as an event – the wonderful roomie took charged and planned the evening. We started the night at a polish vodka bar. Drinking flavoured vodka you really can’t go wrong – well that is until the morning! The pear vodka was my favourite. This wasn’t the sharp vodka these drinks were smooth and made you lose all feelings in your cheeks almost straight away.

Feeling a little tipsy we made our way to Bills and all had an amazing meal. So here is another year to blogging and to being another year wiser.

Happy birthday to me… X and a happy 1st year to my blog!!


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