New York fashion week started this week and I have been scrolling through nearly all of the shows. Unfortunately I am not nearly successful enough to attend the shows *major sigh* but on the plus side I get to watch Miss congeniality and eat Doritos whilst I upload my favourites so far….




There is a massive influences of Checks on the runway, from light pastel colours on sheer fabrics, to bold larger checks or checks layered with floral prints. These are a selection of my favourite ones I have seen so far. Checks haven’t been a huge influence on the high street for a while. I’m looking forward to tartan developing into these fresh new checks.


Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 20.18.29

Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 20.17.26

Marble prints are my favourite of all prints so far, some designers have gone for colourful ensembles and others have gone for a more monochrome look (monochrome prints having a complete category of their own- another key trend).

I love the blocking with the marble print and white fabric on the jacket. Totally a dream item for my wardrobe I can also see Zara doing something similar for their SS 14 collection.


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