No Thigh Gap No Problem……


This is a page from a magazine which was posted online. I dropped it onto my desktop straight away as I knew it was perfect for little miss. I myself do not possess a thigh gap, nor have I ever done – yet this does not make me fat!

I loved that this message is positive and doesn’t make a big deal over this “trend”. Women were put on earth to have more than a thigh gap and a flat stomach. It’s sad to see how size is emphasized so much everywhere and that a thigh gap trend has really emerged and become so influential to young women. It is almost impossible to achieve a thigh gap if you don’t have wide set hips.

People should always take a positive spin on what they have got:

My thighs have saved me accidentally dropping my phone down the toilet numerous times….

My thighs catch any food that misses my mouth…..

My thighs are a coesy resting place for my two cute cats….

My thighs will never have a gap, and I am totally fine with that.



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