The Runway or the Highstreet



So we can all see that the catwalk is not for everybody. It all gets a little crazy at times. I tend not to get the conceptual fashion which scatters its way around fashion week. Nor do I understand the need for the outrageous. What I do understand is why people make fun of the catwalk and call it ridiculous and stupid. Just because they don’t get it.


I don’t think I would walk down Oxford Street in this see through lace skirt, but I can’t emphasise how much I am in love with this coat, the fabrication, colour and shape are just dreamy. If you can’t get that then I truly don’t get you!!


Tropical print is a top hit for SS 14 and this jumper was one of my favs. The vibrant colours against the white canvas makes the print pop! Again the skirt wouldn’t be what I would pair it with. Maybe an A-line mini or acid wash skinnies.



This clutch is really cool and I wanted to share the varsity vibe that seems to have been on trend FOREVER. Some aspects I think are feeling a little tired but this clutch is cute in a grunge way. I love the styling too!!

So as you can see the catwalk proves very practical, if only the price tag was too!!


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