52 weeks of Fashion week…..


I don’t know if it is just me but I find just catching up online on fashion week exhausting and that’s just over a month worth of catwalks, if this went on all year I would be a social mess! After I have flicked through New York and picked out my must haves London has finished and its all about Milan. But that is the harsh reality fashion happens so fast!

After going through all of fashion week, I then go through my favourites again, then I look at the details and the reports that it feels like I have exhausted it all. But no it doesn’t end there. Of course its not ALL about the runway, its what the fashion followers wear too. So then I look through all of the street shots, and visit my favourite blogs to see what they wore, and what experiences they encountered.

I would love to try and convince you all that I prefer being all snug in bed in the warmth with a glass of wine, or a trusty cup of tea. But I will be honest that I do tend to turn a slight shade of green to all the people that get to view first hand *cough Susie Bubble cough* who looks like she has had an amazing time jetting everywhere to get to go to all of the shows and presentations.

Milan and Paris are the fashion weeks that I am yet to attend, hopefully going to every main fashion week will be an achievable goal. Until I get there however I’ll blog endlessly about how I wish I was there!


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