10 weeks.

I know its a scary subject but did you realize that it is only 10 weeks until Christmas… that’s only 2 paydays. Even more terrifyingly it is Adam birthday mid Jan. Fear not I have started buying presents already. I actually bought the first Xmas present in July!! You can never be too prepared when it comes to Christmas!

I come from a family where everybody likes to get their presents early, which means its time to write a Christmas list!!

xmas wish list

1. black dress £65 &Other stories

2. Polka dot dress £34.99 Zara

3. Set of silver rings £14.99 Mango

4. Black shoes £15 Matalan

5. Rocking horse ring Ted baker – Asos

6. Photo frames. Both £10 Urban outfitters

7. Nail Varnish – Klean Colours – matte finish.

8. Lipstick Mac Cosmetics £15


and the count down continues…..


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