A Sunday Stroll in Liberty


On Sunday me and the roomie ventured out in the rain to Liberty to wonder around in awe of beautiful things we will both probably never be able to afford. We started our morning with tea and cake from Yumchaa in Soho, an adventurous Cafe where you choose loose tea which is placed on the counter in tiny little milk jugs. Jenna and I both went for the traditional English Breakfast. I am sure if I had already had my first tea of the day then I would have picked something far more exciting.



These cute paper pieces of wall art caught my eye, look how amazing they are! I love how MIHO (the brand) takes an item that the traditional Liberty’s customer would stereotypically have and throw a contemporary and innovative twist on the item. The stag is my fav!


This caught my eye as well, you have to love some trashy things, although there were far more beautiful things – like the cushions that would be going on my wishlist! However I know there are many dog lovers out there who would love a little doggy lamp in their front room!

Jenna and I spent an AGE in the Stationary room, OK yes I know what total geeks, but there was sooo much to look at from the hand crafted cards to the drawing books, note pads to photo boxes. It was also the most affordable section. I bought myself a little treat. Nothing too fancy, super inspiring none the less!!

I do plan to write a little journal, nothing too “dear diary” and until I am totally inspired I don’t want to spoil the pages with utter waffle.


I will post the pictures from the Christmas room on a special Xmas post closer to December!! In the mean time keep a look out on my Instagram


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