You’re my Precious Pumpkin




This year me and Jenna are hoping to carve a pumpkin or two, that’s if we manage to find the time (I travel home this week!)

In the meantime getting into the Halloween spirits I’ve been reading ghost stories and catching up on American Horror Story. Whilst reading I found something VERY close to home. So close that I am now living in the building built on that land…….

The story goes that a woman named Anne threw herself off of the 70ft tower in 1887 since then a further 20 more suicides occurred from this tower and one murder.

Apparently after the house was converted into flats (the ones I now live in) there have been reports of an awful smell every 28 days, workmen from outside London had to be called as no one locally would work in the house. Apparently tenants complain of hearing voices and doors opening and shutting and other unusual noises.

OK so I live in the top flat. I am already scared of the dark enough as it is!!!! Yes the corridors smell weird, but that’s a combination of all different dinners people cook, cleaning smells and one of a smoker. I wouldn’t say that its the same as told in the story. And as for the voices and unusual noises, I do hear furniture moving about at the strangest time of night and mornings, this is because of my neighbours below. If however I find out they aren’t actually moving furniture well I will have my bag packed quicker than you can say HOCUS POCUS!

Have a happy Halloween guys!!!



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