The story of Angora

I am sure most of you have heard the horrible ordeal to do with Angora wool. Recently their has been a video leaked of baby rabbits who are tortured being plucked alive for their hair. 90% of Angora comes from China where this video or poor screaming bunnies has come from.

Since making the public aware of where Angora comes from M&S, Zara, Asos, H&M have all agreed with PETA to stop selling all Angora products effective immediately. It’s reassuring that retailers have decided to not stock this product, but how did it get on the highstreet in the first place?

The public should be educated with information before being tempted to buy these products. Is it not the retailers job to make humane decisions before placing these products on the shelves? If you haven’t already read what Peta has to say about this then click here.

As an animal lover and a previous owner of rabbits Angora will be 100& staying out of my wardrobe. I really hope all of you join in the support.



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