A Sparkly Sunday





Today I am seeing a really close friend for lunch! I’m so excited to have an overdue catch up with a lot of food – to me that’s the perfect combo. It’s a really fresh day outside which is a really nice change from all the rain we have been having.

This is what I chose to wear today. My OVERSIZED shirt is from Riverisland, I think it is a size 12 I wear it so much. It goes with everything and can look super smart or comfy and casual like I have worn it today.

My leggings are seriously old I think they are from New Look or possibly H&M. Although these have lasted me well I wouldn’t advise to buy from these places anymore, the leggings tear/fade/loose elasticity so quickly. Granted they might be cheap but you should check out Marks & Spencer leggings they are amazing quality and last forever for only like £5 more.

My shoes are converse, I own both the high and low top shoes. Personally I wear the low top so much more I find them slightly comfier. However its nice to have a change. High-tops remind me of summer as they look great with skirts and shorts and well BRING BACK SUMMER!

Finally my necklace is from the Sample Shop at work. It was such a bargain, at first I couldn’t decide between the darker necklace or the pink. I think I made a good choice. It sparkles so much in the light and its nice and girly.


I think I made the right choice don’t you? I hope all of you have had a really nice weekend. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


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