Oliver Deur Couture Press day AW 14

Last week I ventured out on a rainy eve to go to my first ever Haute Couture evening. I didn’t know what to expect but I was very exicited to have been invited by a very close friend.

The first dilemma was certainly choosing what to wear, I knew I would be rushing straight from work so I had to wear something that transgressed easily from day to night. Thankfully my lovely room mate was on hand (the dress is from her wardrobe) I love velvet too. The boots were an ebay find and are so comfy – well that is for most of the day! – I will post a separate OOTD!

The collection was shown on the bottom floor of a tiny boutique and Olivia herself was so welcoming and bubbly although suffering from a horrid cold. Something I can relate to too well! Her collection was heavily inspired by a tropical gothic goddess.

ATHENA - BACK polaroid CHARLOTTE- SIDE polaroid LJUBICA - SIDE polaroid -1 MAREE - SIDE polaroid-2 SAMANTHA - FRONT polaroid

My favourite out of the 6 pieces were the Samantha dress and the fully feathered trousers. They were totally amazing. As you can see on my Instagram. The wine was flowing and it was lovely to see so many people turning up to support Olivia.

It was amazing to see all the hand beading and sewing so close up! It was incredible experience being able to see my first Haute Couture press event and I hope it isn’t the last.

What do you think?


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