The Great British Sewing Bee


Tuesday nights are beginning to be one of my favourite evenings to settle down with a cuppa and watch TV. I am totally getting into the second season “The Great British Sewing Bee” granted it’s not the coolest thing on TV but I love watching the challenges. It is most definitely making me miss my sewing machine.

Contestants have been working with a range of fabrics and have had lots of challenges, although quiet homemaker-ish I love watching the techniques and how other people adapt to new sewing experiences. Usually they work from bought patterns and some hadn’t even used an overlocker until this weeks episode!! If you have missed the other 2 episodes you can catch up on the BBC Iplayer.

It really is interesting to watch being from the fashion industry to how differently I see their challenges from the fashion point of view rather than a maker’s eye. I am routing for Chenelo to win as I think she is very technically talented, sometimes she doesn’t even use a pattern just cut the fabric to shapes from eye! I also find her more fashion minded than the other.

Are you watching it? Who are you routing for?


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