Milkmaid Braid – How To…

So I have never done a How To before! Many people ask me how I manage to Milkmaid Braid my hair and after I have seen it over the catwalk I thought now would be the perfect time to teach you guys! Hopefully you can understand my step-by-step guide and get the same results as me – or even better!!


It is best to braid on one day old hair as then its not too slippery and then it is easier to control. All you need is a hair comb, hair grips, hairspray and a hair toggle. Sorry about the initial lack of make-up!!

step 1

1. Divide your hair into two through a center parting. I also tie the parts I don’t want to be included in the plaits now.

2. Start by backcombing you hair lightly. Then french braid your hair from the back of you head like an upside down pig-tale.

3. Tie the braid at the end.

step 2

3. Repeat on the other side.

4. Cross over the braids on the top of your head. One plait will fall better in front so see what suits best.

step 3

5. Now start pinning, the more grips you fit in there the more secure you will feel.

6. Finally spray a generous amount of hairspray over the do!!

I love doing the milkmaid braid this way, my hair is quiet thin that if I just do a standard plait and pin to the top of my head it looks a bit sorry and limp. I hope you all get on well. I would love to see your pictures!!


2 thoughts on “Milkmaid Braid – How To…

  1. I have thin hair too and it looks sorry in braids!:( I would love to try this except that I am such a klutz and finally end up with a messy pile on my head lol! I will soldier on. You look great 🙂

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