Shopping Spree


Last weekend I went home to go shopping with my Mum and my Sisters, as an early Mothers day outing. We shopped for 5 hours and ate a huge amount of Wagamamas! It was a lovely day spent with the fam and aΒ  great time to use my work discount and get some key spring items.

For the last few months I have been searching for this navy blazer, it’s made of crepe and is an amazing classic item which I know will be timeless. It comes in Pink too, my mum got both colours, shows it’s a great for all ages.


I bought this victoriana top as it looks so nice under the blazer, I think its a great transitional spring/summer garment and I’ve never own anything like this – although I’ve loved this trend forever.


This is a Chelsea Girl dress, it’s midi dress which I would never usually pick as I’m 5ft 2″ that this style I find makes me look dumpy and frumpy. This was the total opposite the fully buttoned dress fitted amazingly and the v-neck made it look really well proportioned on me. Again I feel its a great classic piece in my wardrobe.


Denim is one of those items I find difficult to buy, I seem to float between two sizes at the moment and only really wear skinny jeans. These are cigarette jeans my sister got the same as they are really soft and stretchy denim making you feel super comfy!



These are both hand me downs from my sister, one great thing of having big sisters. Both items are from primark. I love the scribble print on the top and the colours.


Finally my eldest sister got this from a car boot sale, it was 50p and from Topshop. I love the tencel fabric, and the colour is quiet unique yet still goes with loads of things!!

Blazer, blouse dress and jeans – RIVER ISLAND

Jumper & tee – Primark

Khaki topΒ  – Topshop


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